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Retirement Solutions

KTC specializes in providing retirement plan services to small businesses and professional service corporations. KTC also manages retirement accounts for individuals - both while they are working and accumulating assets and after retirement.

Employer sponsored plans

• Profit sharing
• 401(k)
• Safe Harbor 401(k)
• Permitted Disparity
• Defined Benefit

Individual and Self-Employed
• IRA, Traditional and Roth
• Individual 401(k)

What makes KTC different?

Personal Service - KTC combines the experience and expertise you would expect from a larger company, with the personal service of a smaller company.
Comprehensive services - KTC manages all aspects of retirement plans - this makes plan management easier for the client. They have only one point of contact for the plan.
No conflicts of interest - KTC works for the client. They receive no income from transactions or investment products. Therefore, KTC has no conflicts of interest and is free to act in the best interest of the client.
Transparency - KTC fully and clearly discloses all fees and plan costs to the client.

How does KTC address concerns of clients?

Fiduciary Responsibility - KTC will act as trustee of your plan and serve in a fiduciary role to ensure compliance and proper plan administration.
Plan Design - KTC will evaluate your existing plan or discuss options available for a new plan to ensure you have the right plan to meet your objectives. They will continue to make you aware of options so your plan can grow and change with your organization.
Employee Communications - KTC will provide information and education to newly eligible employees and be available to meet with plan participants periodically.
Plan Administration - KTC will work closely with the plan sponsor to ensure efficient administration of the plan. They will meet face-to-face with the plan sponsor to provide updates on regulatory issues and to answer questions.
Investments - As investment advisor for your plan, KTC will recommend investment options for your plan, provide information on investments to participants, monitor performance, and initiate changes as needed.

Investment Products: Not a deposit. Not FDIC insured. Not Guaranteed by the Bank or any Federal Government Agency. May Lose Value. Subject to Risk.